We have well established largest processing yards for processing one of the famous variety of chillies known as byadgi chillies.

We are located in the town of byadgi with more than 85,000 square feet of yard only for the purpose of drying chillies. We also have separate huge godowns which are constucted adopting new technologies to maintain the quality of chillies in all the seasons of weather. We even have separate yards for several different purposes such as separate destemming yard, drying yard, packing yard.



Chillies have been unavoidable part of human diet since atleast 15th century. One of the suvery conducted by government officials in India reveals that chilli loses its flavor and color if we store it in dry condition or in dry weather. Considering this report, we constructed Shree Marulasiddeshwara Cold Storage Private Limited with capacity to store nearly 1.2lakh chilli bags. We are the only company in Byadgi having 2 cold storages of our own to handle huge inventory. Our cold storage ranked first in preserving chillies.

Our 2nd cold storage RGP Cold Storage Private Limited was constructed in the year 2007 with 1 lakh bags capacity to store. This cold storage is more advanced than others in Byadgi.



In the growing world of technology, we are the pioneer in Byadgi to setup advanced grinding unit from the machineries of Sonex company which is ISO, ISI certified company. We have powdering unit with the capacity of grinding 10 tons chilli powder per day.

We have advanced grinding unit in byadgi which grinds chillies continuosly in three different stages. In 1st stage chillies are grinded at 12microns thickness. In 2nd stage 12micron powder is again grinded to 5microns and even we can grind 4.5microns. In 3rd stage altogether mixing is done. In a single stretch powdering process is done.